Stanton, Philadelphia - Neighborhood Profile


Located in Lower North Philadelphia, the Stanton neighborhood (see our houses in Stanton) is bounded to the south by Cecil B. Moore Ave, to the west by Sedgley Ave, and to the east by 16th Street. The neighborhood is primarily residential and features classic, often brightly painted, Philadelphia rowhomes. Sidewalks are dotted with old, leafy trees and colorful corner stores. GNR manages several cozy rowhomes in the Stanton area, all newly renovated with contemporary appliances and hardwood floors throughout. In addition to these beautiful houses, there are tons of other things about this North Philly neighborhood that make it ideal for young families looking to rent with GNR! In this blog post, we’ll highlight just a few.


One of the most common questions we get from our potential tenants is, “How are the schools?” GNR rents to lots of young families who are rightly concerned about the quality of education in their neighborhoods. Kids grades K-8 living in Stanton will most likely enroll in the Tanner G. Duckrey School (making them Duckrey Diamonds!). Duckrey Principal David Cohen is committed to making sure “every child receives a high standard of educational services and achievement of their utmost potential, regardless of their socio-economic, cultural, or ethnic backgrounds.” The Tanner G. Duckrey School works to keep students engaged in their education by teaming up with parents and community organizations, and even have a committee dedicated to Parent/Community Involvement.


But that’s not all! If you’re looking for more educational opportunities or an afterschool program for kids, check out Tree House Books, just blocks away from several GNR rentals, on West Susquehanna Ave! This children’s bookstore has tons of titles for bookworms of all ages distributed for free through their Giving Library. If that weren’t enough, Tree House Books also provides reading programs for kids of all ages from “Tree House Sprouts” to teen “Junior Librarians!” This great community organization is growing like crazy and doing a tremendous job keeping books in the hands of kids in our neighborhood. In 2017 alone, Tree House Books distributed more than 67,000 books to homes all over Philadelphia!


Finally, the Advocate Center for Culture and Education, operating out of the historic Church of the Advocate, provides neighborhood kids - especially teens - with opportunities to express themselves, to excel, and to lead. With after school activities every day of the week, 2 summer camps, and programs in writing, theater, and basketball, the Advocate Center has everything a young person needs to kick start a successful and fulfilling life. In addition, the Advocate Center and the Church of the Advocate provide numerous community events, concerts, discussion groups and theater performances to keep the whole family engaged!


Of course, the fun in this neighborhood isn’t limited to kids. Stanton, like many neighborhoods in Lower North Philadelphia, is home to a number of bars and restaurants for a night out. Local favorites include Sue’s Kitchen, a soul food restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- as well as Maxwell’s Caribbean/American Takeout. Popular local bars as of this post include both Red Top 24 on 16th Street, as well as Edgar’s Place located a bit farther north on 18th and West Cumberland.


While I hope we’ve made clear that Stanton has plenty to offer, at GNR we understand how important it is to be able to get around the city when you need to. Whether you’re running errands downtown, enjoying Philadelphia’s museums and parks, or visiting friends and family in a different neighborhood -- access to transit routes is key. Luckily, GNR rental properties in Stanton are conveniently located near mass transit options! This neighborhood is served by the 39 Bus Route, with connections to Routes 4, 16, and the Broad Street Line -- putting all of Philadelphia at your fingertips! If you’re interested in relocating to this neighborhood, schedule a showing with GNR or check out nearby properties on our website!